About me and this site

Oh look its another personal website made by some stranger on the internet!

I stumbled upon Neocities while randomly looking for stuff for one of my projects and that is pretty much my backstory.

So let's get to the fun stuff: This site is pretty much what you might expect: Weird, non-sensical, awkward ramblings about everything I come across and find interesting. I love books, comics, manga, movies, series, games, art music and even more stuff. I always wanted to get more critical and start writing about the stuff I consume instead of just, well consume it.

Hopefully we'll discuss some pretty interesting stuff, whether trashy, interesting, eyeopening, funny or downright bad.

I also write and do some fiction stuff from time to time, you'll also find this here. So all in all: Welcome to this Trashheaven of my interests, my stuff, my creations and a whole lot of ACTION.

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